Top 10 Things To Eat @ Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

[Warning: Photo Intensive Post] During the holy month of Ramadan while the Muslim community began to fast, Geylang Serai turns into one of Singapore’s largest bazaar (Pasar) and it would be buzzing with crowds. Attracting both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the bazaar features decorations, home furniture, carpets to food and daily necessities.

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With all that said, food is the main attraction and crowds are inevitable. The time to visit the baazar, is to visit it during non-peak hours, such as week days afternoon or Weekends early till late morning. Weather during this Ramadan Season is about 36 Degrees Celsius. Do bring a portable fan, drink loads of water to hydrate yourself and bring cash, most of the stalls accept only cash.

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Traditional food such as Char Kway, Epok Epok (Curry Puffs), Satay, Kebabs, various traditional kuih kuihs/Hari Raya goodies/cookies, Nasi Goreng, Ayam Goreng are available.

But besides the traditional food, there are also favorite street food items, such as the Ramly Burger, deep fried fish crackers, food on skewers (fishball, sausages, etc), tako-yaki and Otah-Otah,  look out for hipster street food this year.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (52)

Top 10 Things to eat @ Geylang Serai

[Warning: Not all food are Halal Certified, please consult the seller before purchasing if you consume Halal Food]

1. Chicken Scotch Eggs with Peking Duck Sauce

Look out for this Scotch Eggs with the runny yokes. These eggs are simply flavourful and are made to order by the @locolocosg.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (22)

2. Unicorn Drink Thai Iced-Tea

Forget the starbucks, come to the bazaar to get this insta-worthy unicorn drink. sold by Alley SG. 

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (18)

3. Handsome Burger + Bucket Gangster Drink

It’s true, they say rainbows are taking over the world. and here we have the handsome rainbow burger with melted cheese and a curly fries side. The beef patty is thick and delicious sold by ‘Word Bistro‘. Yummy!~

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (38)

Besides the handsome burger, get the Bucket Gangster Drink from the same stall. This large bucket of drink, priced at 10 bucks is a steal. The bucket comes in 3 flavors, namely, “The Minah”, “Mat Rep” and Ah Beng”.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (27)

4. Raclette Cheese with Baby Potatoes and Mini Sausages

Priced at $12 (Raclette set) and $40 (Family platter), expect a long queue for the cheesy Raclette sausages and potatoes as you get to see the cook use the blowtorch to melt the raclette into your tray. Aside from the long queue, its a great experience to see cheese melting from solid to liquid state. By the Raclette Factory.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (43)

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (50)

5. Rainbow Drinks & Thai Iced-tea

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a split cup of traditional Thai ice-tea (1/2 Thai green tea & 1/2 Thai red tea) or try some rainbow drinks by the

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (58)

6. Dragon’s Tears by Mr Q

You can breathe out smoke like a dragon after chewing on a liquid nitrogen infused Cheetos lookalike snack! This snack, priced at $5, comes in 3 flavors – chocolate, chocolate banana, and strawberry. Insta-worthy moment!

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (17)

7. Wicked Mallows

Try flavored Marshmallows at WickedMallows stall! These babies at $5 for 3 pieces are caramelized on the outside, sticky on the inside. Famous flavors include Salted Egg, After Eight Mint, and Charcoal Lemonade, and will be caramelized by blowtorches on a stick right infront of your eyes when ordered. Check out their fb page here.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (28)

8. Giant Squid

Face your fears and watch face-hugger alien spawn from Alien Covenant come to life. These deep fried Squid are so tasty and chewy and are delicious. Get one today!

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (56)

9. Starlite Unicorn Drink & Rainbow Swiss rolls

Undoubtedly one of the cutest drink at the bazaar. Priced at $9.90, this stunning bubblegum flavoured milkshake topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows looks exciting to drink and very complicated to make. Be sure to try out the rainbow swiss rolls as well by Rainbow Works.

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (39)

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (41)

10. Poppin Soda

Sweet dreams are made of these. The colors of these ‘Poppin Soda’ drinks look so pretty in their plastic packages. Don’t worry about drinking artificial coloring, cos the colors used are natural and completely insta-worthy!

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (34)


So my friends and I enjoyed myself the Bazaar!!!

Wishing all the Muslims friends out there
Happy Fasting and enjoy the Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

GeylangSeraiRamdanBazzar2017 (59)

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar Singapore
Location: Area around Geylang Serai Market, Joo Chiat Complex and Haig Road
Opens during Ramadan period: 26 May to 25 June
Most stalls open from 4pm onwards
Nearest MRT Station: Paya Lebar
Bus: 2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 76, 154 and 155

Admission Free

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