GAME OF THRONES – A Pencil Microsculpture Exhibition by Salavat Fidai

Game of Thrones Fans! Come visit this free exhibition at the ‘Game of Thones – A Micro-sculpture Exhibition’ held at K+ Curatorial Space, Scotts Square by Russian artist and sculptor, Salavat Fidai.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (8)

Relive your fantasy and feast your eyes on 16 iconic Game of Thrones themed micro-sculptures, sculpted on graphite pencils.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (6)

Magnifying glasses can be loaned for free at the exhibition to view the sculptures in greater details.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (9)

According to sculptor Salavat Fidai, ‘The Iron Throne’ was one of the most difficult pieces to sculpt, and he to restart thrice to create the final piece.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (4)

Depending on complexity, each piece can take the sculptor between 10 hours to three weeks to create.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (7)

Other than the Iron Throne, marvel at other intricate carvings which include Drogon the Dragon, House sigils as well as the Hand Of The King pin, Cersei’s new crown.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (2)

Also, you can admire the Three Eyed Raven, the Night’s King, a White Walker, the Titan of Braavos and  the Weirwood tree.

Gameofthrones_Pencil_microsculpture_exhibition_May_2017 (5)

Last but not least, here’s one of the two swords on exhibition – Brienne of Tarth’s Oathkeeper. The other is Jon Snow’s Long Claw.

GAME OF THRONES A Pencil Microsculpture Exhibition by Salavat Fidai
K+ Curatorial Space, Scotts Square #03-11/12/13, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
Free Admission
Exhibition runs from 22 April 2017 till 4th June 2017
Time: 11.30am till 8.30pm

WebsiteFacebook  organised by HBOAsia,103.8307667,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x31da198d7e9d6aa9:0x7131070020b55cee!8m2!3d1.3058803!4d103.8329554?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode&q=Scotts+Square+%2303-11/12/13,+6+Scotts+Road+Singapore+Singapore+228209+Singapore

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