Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta 2017

Some people say that the King of fruits smells like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”, while others say it smells like rotting corpse, but to the enlightened, durian smells sweet and heavenly while it taste creamy and yummy.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (10)

A love hate affair. That’s what it is. You’d either love it or hate it, and it always makes a strong impression.

Durian Fiestia 2017

Durian_fiesta_2017 (4)

Give it a chance and fall in love with the King of Fruit at ‘The Deli’ at Goodwood Park Hotel’s annual Durian Fiesta which offers durian pastries such as cake, crepe, puffs and ice-cream.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (2)

Classics like the D24 mousse cake, puffs and crepes will be available throughout the entire promotional period.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (7)

Try the D24 ‘Starry Starry Night’ Ice-cream cake and be swooned by the rich flavor.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (6)

Other than the Starry Starry Night Ice-cream cake, try also the D24 crepe, durian puffs and not forgeting their signature durian ice-cream.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (8)

Ice-cream comes in D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ (MSW), the later being a more premium genus at SGD$19 and SGD$28 respectively per tub.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (9)

Excite your palate with bold combinations and familiar durian favorites at the Durian Fiesta, available from 10 March till 31 July 2017 at the Deli. savor them before they disappear.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (3)

Goodwood Durian Fiesta 2017
Address: The Deli, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Date:  10 March till 31 July 2017
Opening: Available daily from 9am till 9pm
Tel: 67301786

For more information, please visit their  Website |Facebook

Price for pastries/ice-cream varies. Refer to photo below.

Durian_fiesta_2017 (5)


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