2D1N Malacca Road Trip #2

Must Eats in Malacca

Thank you for reading part 1, continuing from the previous post “2D1N Malacca Road Trip #1” are the must have foods in Malacca. Here are some of the “must eat” and cafes i visited on the trip to Malacca.

Chung Wah’s Famous Chicken Rice Balls

Jonker Street (鸡场街) is always bustling with people. Located at the center street of Chinatown, are many famous chicken rice shops, selling chicken rice balls.

Malacca_2015 (50)

Some people say, the longer the queue, the better the food. Join the queue at Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice ; which has the longest queue among it’s competitors.

Malacca_2015 (48)

Hainanese Chicken rice sold here are rolled up into small balls, the size of ping pong balls. The rice is soft and flavorful. Customers can use their hands to pick up the rice to eat. This style of cooking is unique to Malacca.

Malacca_2015 (54)

The poached chicken is tender and juicy. Soy-based dipping sauce was delicately salty while the chili sauce packs just the right amount of punch.

Malacca_2015 (56)

And there are much more where that came from. :X

Malacca_2015 (57)

Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball
Address: 18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Opens daily from 7.30am to about 2pm.

Jonker 88 Laksa

Have you heard of Nonya Laksa or Baba Laksa? Or Baba kawin Nonya Laksa (best of both worlds). Baba Laksa here is flavorful with curry gravy with a tinge of coconut milk while the Nonya Laksa is asam spicy and sour, similar to sarawakian Laksa and is amazingly delicious.

Malacca_2015 (61)

Despite the long queue, to our surprise, waiting time for the food was quite fast, Beside the Laksa stall is a desserts stall, selling Chendol and Ice-kachang. Chendol and Ice-kachang is a must try to cooldown your tastebuds from the Laksa.

Malacca_2015 (7)_edited

Jonker 88
Address: No.88, Jalan Hang Jebat. 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Opens daily from 10am – 8pm (or when everything is sold out)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonker88/

Hardrock Cafe Melaka

Rejoice, Hard Rock Cafe fans, there is a Hard Rock Cafe in Malacca. Don’t forget to drop by Hard Rock Cafe Melaka if you are an avid collector of Hard Rock Cafe’s pins and other memorabilia. Guests can enjoy Rock ’n’ roll music with burgers and other American classics inside the cafe. My friend, Ivan (ig: @Psylancer) here is an avid collector and aspire to visit as many Hard Rock Cafe around the world as possible.

Malacca_2015 (23)_edited

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka
Address: 28, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Opens daily from 11:30am – 1am besides Friday and Saturday until 2am
Website: http://www.hardrock.com/cafes/melaka/

The Daily Fix Cafe

The Daily Fix Cafe (得益啡) was ranked second highest among the foodies in Malacca on an internet community group. This cafe is famous for their coffee and delicious desserts.

Malacca_2015 (66)

Among the extensive menu, guests usually come all the way from different parts of Malaysia to try their Pandan Pancakes, served with Gula Melaka (brown sugar syrup).

Malacca_2015 (65)

The decor in the cafe is also very interesting. Using nonya trays and plates to decorate the back wall gives the place a new aged – rustic feel.

Malacca_2015 (25)_edited

The Daily Fix Cafe
Address: 55, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Opens daily from 9am to 11.30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedailyfixcafe/

Kaya Kaya Cafe

A distance away from Jonker Street is Kaya Kaya Cafe. A perfect place for visitors who prefer to shy away from bustling touristy Jonker Street.

Malacca_2015 (30)

Excellent ambiance with natural lighting was what gave the cafe a light and easy feel. There are artworks and rustic trinkets portrayed throughout the cafe.

Malacca_2015 (29)

Artisan coffee and pancakes are what you need after a tiring day.

Malacca_2015 (28)

Kaya Kaya Cafe
Address: 32 ,Jalan Tukang Besi, Melaka 75200, Malaysia
Opens 8.00am-6.00pm daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kayakayacafelol/

Backlane Cafe

Backlane Cafe, was a cafe which we wandered accidentally into, is located near the end of Jonker Street beside Holiday Inn Hotel Melaka Raya. It’s ambiance and furniture made it nice & relaxing to order a cup of coffee and seat in all day on the sofas.

Malacca_2015 (32)

Free wifi made it even better for guests to spend their afternoon at.

Malacca_2015 (34)

Taking pictures are are 100% insta-worthy as well!

Malacca_2015 (33)

Backlane Cafe
129 Jalan Hang Jebat
, Melaka 75200, Malaysia
Opens daily from 11am – 1am
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Backlane-Coffee-574343952693116/

Capitol Satay

located in Lorong Bukit Cina, near Little India part of Malacca is Capitol Satay. Queuing for this satay is a long wait as the queue can take more than 1 to 2 hours, but the wait is sure worth it.

Malacca_2015 (43)

Capitol Satay is something new for me. The kind of satay (Sate) I usually have is slow cooked over charcoal fire back in Singapore, similar to Indonesia and other parts of Malaysia. However the Satay sold at this establishment sells a different kind of satay.

Malacca_2015 (41)

Satay celup (Steamboat satay) sells raw meat or semi-cooked meat and vegetables on satay sticks (skewers) which are cooked when dipped then into a hotpot of thick, spicy peanut sauce.

Malacca_2015 (37)

Once you are seated, go to the back and pick out some satay sticks and bring them to your table to cook. Priced affordably with over 80 types of skewered meat, seafood (prawn, cockles, abalones, fish balls, cuttlefish), vegetables and mushrooms, there will be something for everyone and did i mention, satay sauce was excellent.

Malacca_2015 (40)

Never had i tried Satay Sauce with bread, but give it a go, try dipping the bread into the Satay Sauce, it’s a great combination!

Malacca_2015 (39)

For an authentic satay celup taste, do look out for fakes, as Capitol Satay has only one outlet in the whole of Malacca and Malaysia.

Malacca_2015 (44)

Restoran Capitol Satay
41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Bandar Hilir, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Opens daily 4pm – 1am

Plat Kitchen

Plat Cafe, opened in 2015 is a perfect place for friends to chit chat. The bosses are friendly, humble and the food is good. But like all good things, patience is required.

Malacca_2015 (67)

Their coffee is excellent and the desserts were great!

Malacca_2015 (74)

They also sell cute little jars filled with homemade kuih bangkit that can be customized, which is a great idea for gifts.

Malacca_2015 (69)

Malacca_2015 (68)

The homely ambiance of the cafe makes you want to stay there the whole day! Plat kitchen is probably the only place in Malacca that serves sweet potato fries, and it tastes delicious.

Malacca_2015 (73)

Lastly, do not forget to take a picture with the handsome bosses. 🙂

Plat Kitchen
Address: 596, Jalan Melaka Raya 10, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000
Opens daily from 10am – 12am
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/platkitchen/

Coconut Shake Klebang

Fancy an ice-cream on a hot day? or an nice cooling coconut drink to get rid some heat from your body? Why not have both at the same time, with a coconut shake at Kleblang Original Coconut Shake.

Malacca_2015 (71)

The coconut shake is made up of coconut water, blended with vanilla ice-cream. What an excellent combination, the best coconut milkshake ever; made from real coconuts. The taste was not overly sweet, has a nice coconut fragrance and some edible coconut flesh.

Malacca_2015 (70)

This shop also sells nasi lemak (Coconut rice) and other malay snacks (kueh kueh). Do check this place out when in Malacca.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Taman cergas, batu berendam, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

With that I conclude my Malacca road trip.

This is a 2 part post, read Part 1 here: 2D1N Malacca Road Trip #1

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