Yunomori Onsen Singapore

Feeling tired? In need of a break? Try Yunomori Onsen Singapore (湯の森温泉) as it is probably the first authentic Japanese Onsen (温泉/hot spring bath) in Singapore.

Located at level 2 of the Kallang Wave Mall, it is a stone’s throw away from the Stadium MRT Station. Equipped with 11 Onsen pools, sauna, steam room and massage rooms, this place will leave you rested, relaxed, rejuvenated and wanting to keep coming back for more.

休假 • holiday . Enjoying my day at an Japanese onsen

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Upon arrival, take off your shoes, and deposit them in a shoe cabinet, then journey on to the reception counter barefoot.

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With clean floors, calming sounds of water gushing and shakuhachi (Japanese flute) music played in the background, the ambiance at the reception made me reminisce and miss my Japan vacation. Registration and payment at the reception counter was a breeze.

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Upon payment, you will be issued with a RDIF tag wristlets, which grants you to access the lockers at the locker room and make food/beverage purchases at the restaurant.

Onsens are separated by gender

Similar to the Japanese Onsen in Japan, Yunomori Onsens are separted by gender. Males will bathe in an all male Onsen, while the females will bathe in a all female Onsen. Unfortunately, there aren’t any couple/mixed Onsens. However, you can meet your mate at the Cafe for a meal later.

Yukatas, Changing area and lockers

Yukatas (浴衣) are issued with an Obi (帯/sash) as well as a large towel and a small towel. Guest who are not comfortable bathing naked with strangers can request for disposable underwear.

Lockers are available for guests to store their valuables. These lockers can be unlocked with the RFID tag wristlets issued earlier. The changing area are equipped with moisturizing cream, disposable combs, Q-tips and hairdryers.

Getting ready for the onsen experience

Japanese Onsens are supposed to be enjoyed NAKED, as such, personal underwear and swimming suits are not allowed. Keep your camera and mobile phones in the locker (Strictly no photography are allowed in Onsens), Strip down to your birthday suit, bring your small towel and enter the door leading to the Onsen baths.

Before you jump into the Onsen, take a warm water bath and wash your body thoroughly before getting into the Onsen. Jasmine smelling hair shampoo, conditional and shower gels are provided at the bathing area. Once showered, you are now ready for the Onsen experience.

During the Onsen; self regulate and take breaks

At Yunomori Onsen, there are 5 different pools for ladies, and 6 pools for the men. Every pool (i.e. hot bath, bubble bath, jet bath, cold bath, etc) has different mineral content and benefits. According to the Japanese, forcing yourself to stay in the hot baths for a long period is harmful to your body. People in Japan recommends that you should count silently and stay in the hot baths until 100 or about 5 – 10 minutes if you can tolerate the heat.

However, everything is self-regulated here, and immersing yourself in the pools for more than 10 minutes, may cause your body to enter a dangerous state, which is similar to experiencing a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

An Onsen is an environment that has a higher temperature than your body. Remaining in this environment for too long can cause your heart rate and blood pressure to raise quickly, which might be uncomfortable  to an extent of feeling faint with/or restricted movement; can’t stand up or walk properly.

ソーダスパ(炭酸風呂): 日本で話題の炭酸泉、シンガポールではじめて「湯の森温泉」に登場です。ソーダスパに入浴すると、まるでシャンパンの中に浸っているかのように細かな気泡が皮膚に付着します。泡の炭酸ガスが皮膚から吸収されると、毛細血管が開いて多くの血液が全身にながれます。すべすべ美肌・肌の引き締め等、美肌効果が得られます。 Benefits of Soda Spa: Soaking in carbon dioxide-rich water increases blood oxygen levels, which improves circulation, reduces high blood pressure, and detoxifies the blood. The Soda Spa’s CO2 technology also relaxes the body but tightens the skin, aiding with anti-aging. Nutrients are increased in the body tissues, improving skin elasticity, and contributing to a youthful glow. #yunomori #yunomorisg #yunomorionsen #kallangwavemall #onsen #singapore

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Do take breaks and get out of the pool after being in for short periods to cool your body down at the benches around the pools. It’s also a recommended not to soak in an Onsen more than three times in one day.

Massage and treatment rooms

Aside from baths, guests can also get a massage for a price. Some of the massage treatments includes Thai styled massages, herbal compress, massage with aroma therapeutic oils, foot massages and shoulder massages. On a side note, couple rooms are also available for couples.

タイ古式マッサージは、何千年もの間、タイ伝統の医療法として、東洋医学と生理学を基礎に発展してきました。その特徴は、全身の経絡に沿ったつぼ押しと、多様なストレッチ技術にあります。体内の滞ったエネルギーの流れを整え、身体の柔軟性を高め、血行を促進し、肩こり・筋肉痛・関節痛を和らげます。 Authentic Traditional Thai massage is a holistic therapy grounded in physiology and traditional Oriental medicine. Our experienced therapists will consult with you to identify your desired pressure levels and any areas of focus. They will then use ancient combinations of body rocking, rhythmic acupressure, and deep assisted stretches to balance your essential energies, relieve stress and tension, alleviate muscular and joint pain, improve flexibility, and stimulate circulation. #yunomori #yunomorisg #yunomorionsen #kallangwavemall #onsen #japanese #singapore

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Yunomori Spa Cafe & lounge

Put on your yukata and strut fashionably into the cafe area like a geisha supermodel.

好花不常開 • enjoy

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The cafe is not only a congregating point for couples and groups of different genders, it also offers delicious Japanese food and snacks for customers to refuel their tummy after a relaxing dip at the Onsen. From the must try Onsen egg (SGD$2) to a full Japanese set meal (various prices), the wide selection of Japanese food will leave you spoiled for a choice.

Yunomori_2017 (7)

As per Japan culture, its a tradition to drinking milk after an Onsen experience. Try hokkaido milk from original vanilla flavor to Strawberry and chocolate at SGD$3.80.

Yunomori_2017 (4)

After a hearty meal, relax at the lounge area and take a nap on one of the daybeds.

Yunomori_2017 (5)

Rest well until you are ready for a second round of Onsen or borrow flipflops from the main reception to traverse out of the Japanese sanctuary to take photos in the Yukata.

悠闲 • Carefree

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Price and packages

In summary, Japanese styled Yunomori Onsen is a healthy place for the whole family to chill and unwind. Onsen only prices for adults at SGD$38 and SGD$28 for children aged 15 and below.

For spa packages and massage treatments, please refer to Yunomori Osen’s website

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
1 Stadium Place #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall Singapore 397628
Tel : 6386 4126 / 6385 7985
Opening Hours : 10.00 am. – 11.00 pm. Daily

For more information, visit the Yunomori Osen Website

Disclosure: This is not a invited media review. I had been to this onsen several times, all opinions are honest and are my own. Feel free to leave a comment and ask me any questions about the onsen experience.

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