oBike – Bike Sharing in Singapore

Have you seen these little yellow wheels in your neighborhood? oBike is bicycle sharing platform which debuted in Singapore in 2017 and is making waves in central, northern and western parts of Singapore.

OBike_2017 (4)

Easily recognized by it’s white frame and yellow wheels, oBike allow users to rent bicycles from a mobile application – oBike, available on android and IOS (downloadable free).

OBike_2017 (6)

Rental Charges

Rental charges currently at SGD$1 per half hour (payment transaction is done via credit card or Paypal) ride is quite a steal, and it’s even cheaper and better then taking a bus, as there is no need to return the bicycle to a designated docking station.

OBike_2017 (7)


With no designated docking station, these bicycles can then be parked at the park, MRT or even at the void deck of HDBs near the user’s destination after being ridden.

OBike_2017 (3)

Need a bike? Searching for one is easy with the app as you can track available bicycles on the map of the app.

Available bicycles in your vicinity will show up as yellow icons, and as you make your way to location of the bike, the bike you want, can also be reserved for up to 10 mins

Getting to the bike can be a challenge as not all oBike users park the bicycles at visible locations. However, if such cases happen, users can lodge a complain and notify oBike with it’s built-in function against such errant users.

Although cases of errant users do happen, most obike bicycles are abundantly located near MRTs and are in excellent condition. Also, all bicycles from oBikes are equipped with a basket and a bell for alerting pedestrians in-lieu of pending dangers.

OBike_2017 (2)

After finding the bicycle, remember to switch on the “bluetooth” function on your mobile phone to unlock the bicycle by scanning the QRcode, near the back wheel.

Sign up for 3 free rides

“Sign up now with my code 1603q44335 and to enjoy 3 free rides. A initial deposit of $49 is required for the first use.” –

⇢ click here to sign up ⇠

Do and Dont’s

✅ Remember to be a  good user and return the bicycle at somewhere publicly accessible for the next user to rent it after you’ve arrived at your destination.

✅ Do not park it somewhere not accessible nor somewhere which would cause obstruction to the general public.

✅ Do remember to manually lock the bicycle; else the credits in your account will keep depleting.

✅ Keep Calm and ride on.

OBike_2017 (5)

Try it today. Vroom vroom.

For more information on oBike, please visit:

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