On Sharks and Humanity 鲨鱼与人类 Exhibition

On Sharks and humanity is a global art exhibition. It consist of 30 artworks from contemporary artists all over the world, including Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.

On_Sharks_and_Humanity (9)

This exhibition has been exhibited in Monaco, Moscow, Beijing and now Singapore. Highlighting environmental issues such as shark protection, ocean conservation, the exhibition also explores the relationship between sharks, humans and the environment.

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A little info on Shark fin soup. Shark fin soup is a soup or broth of Chinese origin made with shark fin. Shark fin on it’s own had little or no flavor and is often flavored with chicken stock, crab meat and cornstarch to enhance the soup’s texture.

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Shark fin soup has always been associated with positive heath benefits. However there is no accepted scientific evidence that shark fin provides any medicinal or health benefit. In fact studies show that shark has among the highest levels of mercury and other dangerous toxins found in fish.

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Sharks are the apex predators in the food chain of the ocean, without sharks, you destroy the balance of the entire food chain. When the buying stops, the killing stops. Do your part.

Some of the artworks from the exhibition

三隻眼 • The third eye . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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On Sharks and Humanity Gobal Art Exhibition
Venue: Level 3 Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188778
Date: Opening from now till 9 September 2017 (Sat)
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm
Admission is free

For more info visit http://www.parkviewartsaction.com/

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Note: Free Neon Yellow colored T-shirts, tote bags and other souvenirs up for grabs at the exhibition! While Stocks Last! Do not miss this educational exhibition!~

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